Black belt matchups set for Sunday

The quarterfinals of the lighter weight divisions have taken form at the 2011 Worlds.

They are:

Bruno Malfacine vs. Brandon Mullins
Josef Manuel vs. Joseph Capizzi
João Carlos Kuraoka vs. Yusuke Honma
Caio Terra vs. Fábio Passos

Light Featherweight

Guilherme Mendes vs. Laercio Fernandes
Samuel Braga vs. Carlos Vieira Holanda
Samir Chantre vs. Gabriel dos Santos
Pablo da Silva vs. Ary Farias

Rubens Charles Cobrinha vs. Eduardo Ramos da Silva
Bruno Frazatto vs. Augusto Tanquinho Mendes
Rafael Mendes vs. Leonardo Saggioro
Mario Reis vs. Marcelino de Freitas

Michael Langhi vs. Davi Ramos
Leandro Lo vs. Kron Gracie
Lucas Lepri vs. Gilbert Durinho
Celso Venícius vs. Jonathan Torres

Marcelo Garcia vs. Victor Estima
Gustavo Campos vs. Daniel Dias
Clark Gracie vs. Gabriel Rollo
Lucas Leite vs. Vinícius Corrales

Medium Heavyweight
Rômulo Barral vs. Eduardo Telles
Eduardo Santoro vs. Fabiano Junior
Sergio Moraes vs. Eduardo Zanetti
Gustavo Junqueira vs. Rogel Monsalve

Luke Steward vs. Bernardo Faria
Roberto Alencar vs. Antonio Carlos Barbosa
Guybson Sá vs. Rodolfo Vieira
Renan Vital vs. Rafal Lovato

In the female division the following are the finals for each weight category:

Light Featherweight
Leticia Ribeiro vs. Nyjah Easton

Kyra Gracie vs. Michelle Nicolini

Luana Alzuguir vs. Beatriz Mesquita

Ida Hansson vs. Hannette Staack

Medium Heavyweight
Penny Thomas vs. Talita Nogueira

Gabrielle Garcia vs. Emily Wetzel

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3 Responses to Black belt matchups set for Sunday

  1. Sean says:

    I completely didn’t agree with Lucas Leite’s win against Gabriel Goulart. Leite didn’t deserve it, as Goulart was opposing him strongly not giving him any chance to make points and at the last 2 minutes of fight Goulart completely dominated the fight. I watched the live stream and they were in front of the camera so it was all clear….I got disappointed a lot, assisting a fight where was obvious who deserved the win (Goulart) and then all ended up with a while keeping them waiting, even the referees at the table showed Goulart won it. But then, at the time to raise up the hand, the referee raised Leite’s……come on, this is insane. First thing it was very clear that, even points where same (0/0) Goulart had the game, was stronger and dominated the fight, especially at the end…and second, more important, is that they first showed up Goulart win and then kept waiting a bit and then declared Leite winner even he shown kinda surprise too on his face……LEITE DIDN’T DESERVE IT AND HE KNOWS. THIS IS VERY UNFAIR, ESPECIALLY WHEN A YOUNG BLACK BELT (GOULART) IS SHOWING GREAT SKILLS AGAINST A OLDER BLACK BELT, MAYBE MORE FAMOUS BUT FOR SURE NOT THAT GOOD IN THIS FIGHT, AND HE SHOLD ACCEPT TO “LOSE” THIS INSANE WAY?? COME ON GUYS….THIS IS THE WORST THING U CAN DO TO AN ATHLETE, AT LEAST LOSING BY POINTS…BUT NOT BECAUSE THE GUY U FIGHTED AGAINST AND U DOMINATE IS SIMPLY A BIT MORE FAMOUS THAT YOU. THIS IS NOT SPORT…THIS IS ALL ABOUT NUMBERS. IT’S DISAPPOINTING, A LOT!
    Disappointing especially for us that we are young athletes and we dream of fighting one day in Mundial too….but if things work this way, well….is not that motivating at all! LUCAS LEITE SHOULD BE OUT. Thanks for reading and I wish someone could share his opinion here. Thanks. Osssssssssss

  2. Sean says:

    I forgot to say one important thing, that Goulart almost passed the guard and should have got points for that but nobody gave him. This is the technical part of the fight that I forgot. I really would like to know some other people’s comments….cause almost all fights were smooth and clear, but this one ended up in a very weird way. I admire him for having accepted the situation with great sportivity and humility, cause telling the truth I dunno if I would be able to react the same great way.

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