IBJJF announces new rules for 2012

Diretor de Arbitragem Mansor explica as alterações nas regras

The IBJJF chose the 2011 Worlds for introducing teachers and team leaers to the changes Jiu-Jitsu’s rules will undergo for official competitions starting January 2012.

The first meeting with teachers took place Thursday afternoon, the first day of the championship.

Director of Refereeing Alvaro Mansor and Vice-President Marcelo Araujo led the meeting in the Long Beach pyramid.

The leaders of teams Atos, Brasa, Gracie Elite, Yamasaki, Avengers and more all participated.

Further meeting will be held by the end of the 2011 Worlds.

The IBJJF began the rule revision and change process 18 months ago.

The new rules will include images and will soon be published in Portuguese and English on the IBJJF website.

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2 Responses to IBJJF announces new rules for 2012

  1. Pippa Granger says:

    Will this be more rewriting/translating & explaining the existing rules in more detail or will there be some major rule changes?

  2. Jim McSherry says:

    They need to get the new rules up online asap on the IBJJF site really, and with any changes or additions/alterations highlighted, then we’ll see if its just cosmetic makeover or if there are any additions or changes etc, be interesting tho’, so now waiting patiently for the new rules to be posted online.

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